Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Long Way Home

So, yesterday was not the sunniest of days, but it was warm and by the time I left the office last evening the clouds had cleared some and the sun was setting. As I left the office in Franklin on my bike, I decided I would take the long way home. This means that I leave my usually path home on the New Highway 96 and take the tail end of the Natchez Trace. The path takes me over the huge bridge where you can see for miles and then becomes a winding road through well-manicured natural scenery.

Last night, as I drove down the road I just felt wonderful. I was leaving work and headed home and that's always a good thing, but I had this wonderful experience there on that road that was more than just going home. I felt good on the bike. Riding through those curves and shifting the bike back and forth as I made "S" curves just felt so natural. (Yes, the bike gets 50 miles to the gallon, but it is just fun to ride!). The sun was just dipping behind the trees and silhouetting the trees. There was still just enough light to be able to see the pale violet blooms on the red bud trees and bright green of the new shoots of grass on the ground and leaves on the trees. As I exited the Trace, there was a "family" of wild turkeys gathered by the road. For just a few moments, I had this sense of joy and peace that was punctuated by gratitude for all I have and for the beauty of God's earth.

I love the days when I can take the long way home. I wish I could keep that feeling all day - every day, but I'll take it when I can get it.