Monday, March 1, 2010

A Little Rant about the Drop-off Line at School

I do not understand why it takes some parents 20 minutes to drop their kids off at school every morning. Every morning when we arrive at school my daughter collects her things and gets out of the car. The whole process takes less than 15 seconds. Then I sit behind some mom in an SUV while their child has to open two car doors to get all of their belongings. THEN the mom calls the child back to the car to tell them one more thing before they leave for the school. THEN the mom sits in the car and watches their child as they take the leisurely stroll to the school door. Meanwhile another car has pulled behind me so I can no longer back up and try to get around the over-protective SUV mom. All I can say is, "somebody needs to get more organized and somebody needs to get a life." Okay, I'm done now.